• What is the local network for?

    The use of LAN local area network is mainly the connection of local computers into one data package exchange area. The range of the computer network operation is limited geographically and it can relate to a school, block of flats, office or laboratory. Local network was created in the past based on certain wiring and software, however, currently the basis of its work are the Ethernet wires and Wi-Fi network.


    LAN computer network construction technology

    The construction of LAN computer network for companies based on the technologies mentioned above precisely determines the operational method and package exchange between the IT devices. LAN network is based on the physical and logical demarcation within one network (VLAN 802.1q standard). The most important thing is the connection of proper network elements through the so- called switches. Usually one of them is connected with a router or ADSL modem.

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    LAN, MAN, and WAN – differences

    LAN, local IT network is the smallest component of a wider area network. What defines the WAN network, which is a wide area of operation, is reverse for local networks. Depending on how extensive WAN networks are or in what way they are connected with one another, that is the kind of network they create. MAN is an urban network, operating within quite a big area, yet still defined more as a pseudo-local than global network. Thus, the fundamental difference is the range of operation, while LAN networks are also characterized by a faster data transfer.

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