• How can businesses keep up with communications expectations?

    The business world is in a period of upheaval – from downsizing and moving to shared offices; to supporting employees who demand remote and mobile working; to facing ever-rising costs, organisations are facing an epidemic of new challenges. The right technology and processes can address these challenges, and allow flexibility without risking soaring costs, or drops in productivity and staff morale.

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    Essentially, flexible working practices can harm a business if it can’t get its communications right. Although many organisations understand communications can be vital, many don’t invest in the right systems, making cost-based decisions instead of considering the features or flexibility offered. This can often result in higher costs for communications in the long-term.


    Businesses are facing a difficult challenge – how can they support a range of working arrangements expected by an employee, without compromising the experience for their workers and customers, all while keeping costs at a reasonable level?

    The NHS, for example, could benefit from ensuring its external and internal communications systems are up to scratch. The communications issues facing the NHS are universal to businesses worldwide – customers (patients), suppliers and co-workers are all trying to contact the right person in the organisation and want the process to be as quick, and painless, as possible.

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